Dokumentation: Herrenhausen Conference "Mental Health throughout Life"


Vom 3. bis 5 April 2013 fand in Hannover die Herrenhäuser Konferenz "Mental Health throughout Life" statt. Die Tagung widmete sich in drei Sessions den drei entwicklungspsychologisch besonders verletzlichen Phasen im Leben jedes Menschen. Beleuchtet wurden dabei die jeweils spezifischen Risiken – und deren Prävention oder Therapie.

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Herrenhausen Conference on Mental Illnesses, Hanover, April 3-5, 2013

Mechanisms of vulnerability for mental illnesses over lifetime were the focus of the Volkswagen Foundation’s second Herrenhausen Conference. Concentrating on particularly sensitive and susceptible phases of mental development, renowned experts shared their latest research and insights into risk for and resilience against mental illnesses. Building on this material, in a concluding Session new approaches for improving mental health and treating mental disorders were highlighted.


The Risk of Mental Disorders Throughout the Lifespan: Symptom Progression, Critical Trajectories and Consequences for Prevention and Early Targeted Intervention

Pamela Y. Collins, National Institute of Mental Health, USA


The Risk of Mental Disorders Throughout the Lifespan: Symptom Progression, Critical Trajectories and Consequences for Prevention and Early Targeted Intervention"

Hans-Ulrich Wittchen, Technical University Dresden


"Neurobiological Consequences of Child Abuse"

Charles B. Nemeroff, University of Miami


"Social Networks and Mental Health in Adolescence"

by Mark C. Pachucki, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School


"Beyond Single Magic Bullets: True Healthcare Innovation for Serious Neuropsychiatric Disorders"

by Husseini K. Manji, Janssen Research & Development, LLC 


"Rewiring Faulty Circuits - The Promise of Deep Brain Stimulation for Psychiatry"

by Thomas Schläpfer, University Hospital Bonn