Scoping Workshops

area of research: all disciplines
type of funding: workshops at the conference center Xplanatorium Herrenhausen Palace, Hannover
researchers at German universities and research institutions, possibly international co-applicants
childcare expenses, support for event preparation
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The Volkswagen Foundation’s scoping workshops are for scientists who want to take a step beyond their current research activities and think about the future of their field of research. Together with around 30 experts, they develop ideas on how their field can evolve further, both in terms of research itself and the academic conditions for pursuing it. Discussion and intensive exchange are at the core of each workshop. Thereby, they offer a space for what happens at conferences in the spare time next to presentations and the official program: exchange about how a field of research is doing; what could be done differently in it; what potentials exist and how they could be realized; and how such developments can be initiated. 

Scoping workshops contribute to the reflection and further development of disciplinary and interdisciplinary research areas and communities. Through this funding, scientists are given the opportunity to assess the current status of their field of research together with other researchers and, on this basis, to work out perspectives for its further development. 

Scope of Funding 

The scoping workshops funded by the Volkswagen Foundation take place at the conference center Xplanatorium Herrenhausen Palace in Hannover as part of the "workshop weeks". Please find the dates of the workshop weeks here. The venue offers meeting and conference rooms of different sizes, together with a professional organizational as well as technical infrastructure. In addition to the provision of this infrastructure and handling of organizational tasks, workshops are supported with funds covering personnel as well as non-personnel or travel costs.