Researching Research: Collaborative Research Projects

area of research: disciplines conducting research on research
type of funding: research projects adressing the topic of the current call "Systems of Assessment and Evaluation in Science"
up to 1.5 million Euro
project duration up to 4 years
researchers who have completed their doctorate and are currently employed at a German university or research institute; international co-applicants possible
additional funding available for science outreach and communication and/or
for the preparation of research data for reuse (Open Science)
Illustration with interconnected spheres
Illustration: Westend61 / George J - GettyImages


With the initiative "Researching Research", the Volkswagen Foundation promotes interdisciplinary, multi-method and internationally oriented research projects with the aim to bring together the expertise of different communities. It supports not only the development of new knowledge but also reflection on the strategic application of the generated findings in the context of science and higher education policy. Approximately every 18 months, calls for applications with different focus topics will be published. 

Funding Scheme

The funding scheme is aimed at scientists and scholars of all career stages from postdoc onwards who work on issues related to research on research. Funding will be provided for collaborative projects that are relevant to the respective topic of the call and involve researchers from disciplines or fields associated with research on research. When approaching the research question, a variety of perspectives should be engaged, different research methods applied or existing methodological approaches combined in a new way. The Foundation expressly welcomes internationally oriented project teams that involve international cooperation partners.

Information about the current call "Systems of Assessment and Evaluation in Science" as well as details of requirements and the application procedure can be found under Information for Applicants 123b (pdf).

Online Q&A

Are you considering to apply for this scheme? On November 2, 2022 at 9am, Dr. Antje Tepperwien will give an introduction to the program and answer questions you might still have. You will find the link to the online Q&A on this site one hour before the start.


Within "Perspectives on Research", the funding of collaborative research projects is one of two initiatives that explicitly address research on research. Together with other person- or structure-oriented initiatives, they make up the profile area "Understanding Research – Evaluation and Science Practice".