Data Reuse – Additional Funding for the Preparation and Storage of Research Data (Open Science)

area of research: all subject areas
type of funding: preparation and storing of research data
up to 100.000 Euro
Target group: grantees of the Volkswagen Foundation, eligible are current projects and projects that have been funded approximately in the last 6 months.

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Illustration: Open Science Taxonomy
Excerpts from the Open Science Taxonomy of the European Commission-funded project "Facilitating Open Science Training for European Research" (FOSTER)


Research data are at the same time starting point and the result of research. Its longterm storage and supply enables scientific progress as well as keeping up quality standards due to replicability. Therefore, the Volkswagen Foundation supports Open Data in the context of its Open Science Policy (pdf). To support the necessary transformation processes, the Foundation provides its grantees with additional funding for the preparation of research data for data reuse and for making generated data available as Open Data in a public, non-commercial repository. 

Funding Opportunities

  • Researchers who are currently funded by the Foundation or have been funded in approximately the last 6 months are eligible to apply.
  • The corpus of the data prepared for data reuse should generally contain research data funded by the foundation.
  • Applicants are required to decide upon the target repository and to submit the application together with repository as co-applicant.

Further information about the application process and requirements is provided in "Information for Applicants".


In November 2021, the Volkswagen Foundation’s board of trustees has decided upon its Open Science Policy (pdf). Besides Open Data, the new policy also focuses on Open Access and Open Source. To support its grantees in this dynamic transformation process of data-intensive research, the Foundation, furthermore, will develop further funding opportunities in various fields of Open Science. Already at this stage ideas on Open Science can be further developed as part of the initiative "Pioneer Projects: Impetus for the German Research System".