In its new English-language brochure "explore", the Volkswagen Foundation provides information on how it understands its task of supporting  research and higher education – in Germany and all over the world.

The Volkswagen Foundation signs a statement on European solidarity in the time of the coronavirus crisis, coordinated by DAFNE and the EFC

Interview with Henrike Hartmann, head of the funding department, about working from home – and new opportunities for change in the science system.

Interview with Georg Schütte, Secretary General of the Volkswagen Foundation, on the effects of the Corona crisis on the Foundation's activities

As an instrument of 'Science Diplomacy', the Foundation announced the 'Trilateral Partnerships' funding program in 2014: An interim balance.

Sabine Müller-Mall views AI from the perspective of a scholar of law and constitutional theory. In her opinion, we should take a closer look at the underlying algorithms, since they exert a normative effect and influence how we perceive things, communicate and act.

The Volkswagen Foundation initiates the establishment of "Science of Science Communication Centers" and provides up to 4 million euros in funding. Deadline for project applications: September 4, 2020

A new explanatory film provides insights into how the application procedure works. On this occasion, we talked to Dr. Henrike Hartmann, Head of the Volkswagen Foundation's Funding Department, about what is taken into account in the review process and what applicants should bear in mind to be successful with their research proposal.

Migration has many neglected stories: Anthropologist Meron Zeleke Eresso looks at the world of Ethiopian transit migrant women in the Horn of Africa.