Exclusion Criteria: What We Do NOT Fund

Please note: You can save both yourself and us a great deal of work by observing the following exclusion criteria.

The Foundation does NOT allocate funds for individual scholarships, i.e. general undergraduate or postgraduate studies! Junior scholars and scientists can only receive support in the frame of the Foundation’s funding initiatives. It is also not possible to allocate funding in the following cases:

  • Supplements to travel costs or scholarships granted by another agency
  • Congresses
  • Costs of printing not associated with projects supported by the Foundation
  • Acquisition, supplementation, or maintenance of collections – including exhibitions
  • Construction and extension of hospitals and nursing homes
  • Equipment to be used in therapy
  • Development and testing activities involving scientific issues which have already been resolved
  • Exploitation of patents
  • Schools, preparatory courses and institutions for further education
  • Start-up costs for scientific institutions associated with specific political, confessional or world views
  • Global increases to budgets or making up for budget deficits
  • Repayment of prefinance granted by another agency
  • Profit-generating projects
  • Charitable activities  
  • Private individuals

Furthermore, it is not possible to allocate funding for a project which refers to an already completed grant by the Foundation. Nor can the Foundation step in for other funding organizations which have ceased funding on their part, or support projects if the respective research area already receives adequate funding from other sources.

The Foundation does not accept applications which have already been rejected by the Foundation before.

The Foundation can only support projects in need of ongoing running costs in such cases where it is clear from the outset that on expiration of funding on the part of the Foundation, another party is prepared to assume such ongoing costs.