The Foundation Staff

At present some 100 people work directly for the Volkswagen Foundation – in the "Staff Divisions" of the Secretary General as well as in the departments "Funding", "Investment Management" and "Finance and Administration".

Portrait Thilla
Jeana Thilla

Assistant Events

F +49 (0)511 8381-4233
Portrait Stanitzke
Anja Thöm

Head of Legal Affairs and Policy; Cooperation with Foundations and Associations

F +49 (0)511 8381-4240
Tina Walsweer

Editor, responsable for Press Releases, Media Contacts

F +49 (0)511 8381-4216
Portrait Wessler
Dr. Adelheid Wessler

Head of Team Societal Transformations

F +49 (0)511 8381-4282
Additional Information

Head of "Societal Transformations", responsible for old and non-European languages and cultures as well as for (European) ethnology. Up to now, Adelheid Wessler supervised collection-based research projects at museums as well as cooperations between Africa and Germany.

Background: Studies of social anthropology, sociology and political science in Bonn and Cologne, PhD on "Museale Repräsentationen des Selbst und des Anderen im (De-) Kolonisierungsprozess Namibias". Longer research stays abroad, e.g. in Bolivia and Namibia and participation in various (international) exhibition projects. Professional background includes working for the Lower Saxony State Museum Hannover and the University of Cologne.

Anorthe Wetzel

Program Director Conferences & Symposia

F +49 (0)511 8381-4260
Portrait Will
Daniel Will-Adrion

Administrative Support IT

F +49 (0)511 8381-4258
Anette Zeuch

Switchboard, Reception

F +49 (0)511 8381-4223