Workshop "Towards Circularity: Sustainable Materials and Resource-based Processes"

Herrenhausen Palace
Researchers and Professionals

Researchers from natural sciences and engineering will discuss unsolved problems in circular material use in Hanover on September 12th and 13th.

Grafik: Cienpies Design -
Grafik: Cienpies Design -

The workshop is exploring ways how natural sciences and engineering will contribute to closing the loop for a more resource efficient and green production. The focus is on scientifically unsolved problems and novel approaches to materials or substances, product design, and processes. Given the high resource consumption in (post-)industrialized societies, achieving a transformation to sustainable production and material use is an utmost societal goal (SDG 12). With climate change, a shift to non-fossil based resources and energy-efficient processes is key. Further, recent crisis such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine conflict have resulted in interrupted supply chains making resource efficiency, substitution, pre-, re- and up-cycling ever more important. Rather than just recycling waste streams, thinking from a product lifecycle perspective and designed recyclability are needed. 


In 2021, the Foundation established a new profile area "Societal Transformations". The focus is on research that expands the body of knowledge on transformation processes with different focal points. The aim is to better understand processes of transformation in order to anticipate important future challenges through fact-based scientific knowledge and, at the same time, to create framework conditions for transformation processes and to identify options for transfer and action. 


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This workshop is for invited guests only.